Flood, Pandemic & Martin Luther

There is in different cultures the narration of a flood catastrophe of the so-called "Flood" which pursues the goal to reduce the people and the animals, to punish or to form to a new sex. Sometimes, however, also to transform to a new beginning. It often involves a certain selection, credibility and a client. A man is usually forewarned and weighted down with the order to build a box or container where all can fit in who want to save themselves. In the Bible under the Genesis to find the dimensions, which should have this box, quite exactly with cubit and foot indicated - transferred it concerns in the case 133.5 meters length, 22.3 meters width and 13.4 meters height.

This filling space "ark", presumably built from cypress wood, is to be walked on by all land animals as mating spouses (w/m). So that all possible animal species still continue to exist in the future, as many pairs as possible of each genus are to enter. The other animals must probably all drown and wave once again to their representatives while they are allowed to enter the big ship. They go down in history as animal heroes. Of natural selection can be spoken here therefore only conditionally. With the people he (Noah) was generous at the beginning and asked who wants to enter the box. Because humans had not listened to him it came to the fact that survival and selection has distributed itself probably rather on the animals. Thus, he and his barren wife are supposed to be our first parents. How this stands exactly with Adam and Eve on the kinship line remains unexplained.

The builder knew that opposite of lie is not truth, but conviction must be. The people could not be impressed probably also at that time by the creation history: therefore they must be converted or just drown so that place is created for new or. The builder of the ark was overwhelmed with the question what these whole animal species should get as food. Even with the flea he has made detailed thoughts, however, he was allowed to dwell first on his head. It passed 40 days and 40 nights in and with the Flood and then he opened a window to release a dove, which then came back with an olive branch. Short form: the new generation was able to arrive and multiply. Humans and animals spread all over the globe. I follow a traditional Christian-Jewish narrative form, very snappy, which of course can be read in more detail. But let that be just a side note. Ultimately, it's about the ideas of Floods and what role the builders have. Perhaps the image of a mass of deputies in this stinking box is the post-capitalist measure that will inevitably come our way. The future remains uncertain. Nature is not moral and has no purpose but presumably it has a structure to which we are subjected for all time.

The Dialectic of Enlightenment: Is it still permissible to write poetry when everything is based on outwitting? Without our cooperation, systems do not work. Are we dependent for eternity? A whole generation is dying out. Why do we continue as before? Could we really consult another system, so many years after industrialization and capitalism? Or are these mechanisms much older, started at the same moment that we learned to domesticate nature? What if everything really goes down? Alleged freedom and security through money. If the western world collapses, what kind of prosperity can we hope for? Who gives himself which order and will it really be timeless, if this is afflicted with future, which is to bring something to all? Who should be allowed to be sovereign and who not? One could try to build on other valences But how will they be formulated and passed on? All these men who perform translation tasks. All these women who remain only marginal figures and the real carrier is.

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It must be here, because in the ground of the earth there are clear conditions, therefore in the deepest core there is no greed. Animals become full when they have eaten enough.(Except, for example, Labradors, who would never stop eating as long as something was available, even if it killed them.) 

In the longer term, the unnecessary suffering is meant for ourselves. 

What other solutions does nature have? 

Maybe we don't feel like doing without and we have to find the outermost limit that shatters our souls. Grin. Panic. Barbarism. Art survives us. Hooray! Those who need it also manage it. Life has its gaps. Trust. It jumps at you like a fountain. Squire. Junker. The misprint on the postcard. Poetic ass-kissing. The game with the fears is known all the time! These post-apocalyptic sentences are meant for utopian, tropical nights. Writer's block - timely action. I go down in history as a salvation. Maybe we all have to die and then a rethink happens. I don't see why I should sacrifice myself out of conviction? This body belongs only to me and it finally has its expiration time. The consequences will be there and it hits and shatters the classes (clearly shows who feeds whom here). You can't ignore it. Either you get in or you go under forever. Maybe this is all a thing we have to go through because we humans don't realize how precious life is. 

But I think things can work out in a way where something like reconciliation can happen. Somehow there is this hope.