What will happen then? Simultaneous news

Are you also afraid? 

I am very deeply touched in my heart, in my mind and in my being by the death of Mahsa Amini and the war in Europe. Are you coming? 

All this information is not so easy to grasp and we have to stick together. After all, there are now finally things that we all identify with and we are really affected by. This is just happening at the latest since the pandemic not only mentally but also physically. 


Let's call each other, let's write letters. Chat and go into agreement. Grieve publicly. Shatter your insecurity. Your ego. The German/Austrian comic malaise. It has to go. Do you also feel like there are just way too many social moments where we come together collectively and it's always just INAPPROPRIATE? Kind of violent instead of accommodating. Benevolent. Well, why is it like that? Should be something nice, something value-free: This art and culture world - Progressive and unpleasant in the right place. Do we want the career, the recognition? What is it? 

Maybe we just did everything wrong! We were not used to be confronted with NEEDS until now. Art is simply not a LYFESTYLE. Period. Cancel Culture for all Murderers inside of world!


          There is still the time of isolation and COVID is absurdly present. The mask, the train, the supermarket aisle. The vaccine in the blood, still topping and shimmering. The vaccination opponents (I should gender them). The school teacher who abuses children. The Johann König. The survivors of sexual violence. Never buy a book from Walther König again. It should not stay in the family, this money. Rather be: Vegan. Vegan. The victims who must and will take revenge. Be prepared for it. You do not have to live in fear. 

The missing artist:inside association in Vienna, which then also means consequence for abuser:inside. 

The insecurity - the division and those with fewer chances, who don't even have votes and only become visible when everything falls apart because they carried it. The mermaid is probably the best news of the last weeks.  The funeral of an old lady who represented until the end and now ended up in hell. Britain (a psychosis) and the absurdity in the fuzzy huts of the soldiers (Minions)?

Be against the ANTO, because they are all imperialist pigs. Loud voices that sound like nothing. Just let the gas run. In protest because of anarchy? What a senselessness in the wrong place. Right away yoga, quinoa, mashed potatoes, IpodairPods. Exhaustion on the faces of the chosen ones. Daft Punk is played over them, as if we were all just incidentals. At the same time we are shaping!

Then at the end still the hope, dressed up as David Bowie. YES! 

Poor Whales: . 2nd years to the day they have arrived and are slowly suffocating today. They are breathing right now, can you hear them? It is because in Mexico there was the earthquake. Nature says: IT'S ENOUGH! No. Nature does not think. Has no consciousness. It only reacts. A wave of grief. They sense the atomic bomb is coming soon. Crashing over our dreams. My ego will just become an atom. I feel it... I'm finally becoming more of the person I am regardless. I am exhausted. We all are. 

It rains and cries in Puerto Rico and Pakistan and then burns on the other side. Normal is not all that. Better to die, with and for good reason. Why is there no waking up... What unites us, switches only at night. But we never all sleep at the same time. The sun is a dictator. Where do we find a connection to each other? Where does the suffering stop? How do we manage to share the consequences and never again allow people to abuse their power. Why can we change the evil only by a consensus of the inside? Is it then sanctions for the soul? Will the death of Putin then be public? Will China then also turn against the West? We align in and out the West with the Sun. We are the center. We are also waking up. Where do we stand now? Everything is turning all the time.