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On view at Belvedere 21 til 15th of October 2023 Zelt II, little helpers and Bellcage

A bell cage that hides something but rings softly as soon as wind or movement hits it. An entering is not possible although it asks for movement while its companion, a two-colored tent, wants to be entered. Both of them suggest protection in different layers. This modernist companion was sewed with the artist’s aunt Blanca Nidia Gil in their family house in Colombia.Its colors maybe stand for grounding but also for middle age fun or mustard seeds. My being in constant contradiction. Nothing gently touches the ground this time. The scaling of things: From a life-size room or an artificial nightmare of a bird. Wall objects seem to be possible tools to find out which fragility was considered. A mapping - fragments of memory. I feel like using fishing supplies for your attention. Evidence that could lead to a crime scene. A moment of de-placement would be nice. What are real walls for ? Tent II, 2023  Polyester  130x135x300     little helpers (wheel of fortune), 2023        ceramic, pearls

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