The best Idea ever, 2021

The best Idea ever, 2021 

The Installation consist of a mobile timber wall construction called Demonstrationswand from which the objects hang from or are embedded in. Other pieces of furniture and ceramic objects, such as The Barrel or Fried Egg Table, are set in relation to it and can get activated in Performances. You can find a lot of citations from artistic expressions of the twentieth century European modernism: The urgency of many avant-garde movements of this time were quite intriguing. Their ideas often aimed to no longer view life and art separately. That way the role of artist were actually valid and powerful in society and they were not just producers of luxury goods. The New, which would prevail through originality and fundamentally change society, played emerges between home objects, exhibition design, and lifestyles. The best Idea ever is a reflection on identity, positioning and heritage in which methods of appropriation often come into play. Their might be a hidden ironic commentary on being an artist in a time when the upper middle class is fed and the same time criticized within an Eurocentric tradition, which refuses to disclose colonial power structures as it continues to benefit from them. 

Photos: Leonard Prochazka 

Exhibited in Skulpturinstitut Wien // Diploma 2021

Ownership: Federal Ministry for Art and Culture Austria / Wien Museum since March 2022 

The Work won the Kunsthalle Prize 2021 and Recognition Award from the City of Vienna 

Demonstrative wall painting, 2021 // wood, stain, watercolors, chalk //270x182x104 
Figure with child, 2021 Ceramic (unglazed) // 60x26x30 
Androgynous lamp, 2021/ aluminum, tin, mirror, wax, pewter, steel /60x20x25 

Relief, 2021//Ceramic//60x70x2 
    The blue Tent, 2018 //Fabric //60x50x3m
    The Barrel, 2021// Ceramic // 70x60 


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