Situation I-III, 2020

No sense for reality and ever privileged sentences. 
Everything crumbles into its individual parts - struggling for a monumental moment. 
Whoever speaks poetically, does not make a statement at all. 
Avant-gardistes mix a palette - 
shadowing the world. 
Guarding the reference garden and applying at the right moment. 
The Alma Mahler doll has to be burnt, on the street indeed public scrutiny. 
Fetish, Bauaus, Armchair, Crime, Leitmotif, Dance, colonial pinching of forms, colours, heritage.

Isolation as a concept! 

Patters from De Stijl in the living room, new teachings and exhibitions serving as rooms of demonstration, names of peoples, that one works through art historically. 
Breathing out out while copying El Lissitzky, so that the angle he counted on is no longer precise. 
Radio and Co. shouldn't be just jokes anymore ! 
DADA manifest for breakfast and demystifying genitalia. 
Yours forever more - the books plea - Lie. 
Let´s get rid of futurism ! 
Radicalism ´cos no sense for responsibility. 

Take the remains you find and build fine sublime models out of them and give them to somebody, 
who has no use for them at all. 
No muse lives up to him. 
His charming homosexual gesture so aptly sums it up, 
whereas I am planning to go down as a genius. 

Humour out the debris of my soul, 
overcoming of one's own conformity 
impossibility of overcoming - 
I´ll never amount of anything! 
Oh my...! 

Comparing oneself to political crises. 
Speaking, to not claim anything - totally normal in our times. 
Thinking, to feel what is actually happening - totally normal in their time
To be accepted successfully into the next class. 
Narcissism and isolation 
(unrequited and necessary) 
Privacy and recognition
Baking bread and claiming individuality 
It is never enough, that you are yourself: the core of suppression 

Love strolls differently through the districts. 
The elite-rascals- wiping hair out of the face 
Zig-zag.Shooting agitatedly: "such a nonsense!"
Shopping street of emotions and identities. 
Realism of the elite. Smooth, fine romances at all times. 

"The sculpture is not an urgent moment!"

The human being inherits and creates systems, that reproduce its cellular structure 

Often I was astonished myself, how I came up with ideas that many others had formulated already before; And I assumed that they were mine. The horizon can't be stolen from me, right? Because also here; questions of social class, education and subjective perception are not easy to dismiss. 

Some day I will eat a blackberry, 
without thinking, that it was secretly a poisonous little fruit. 
Can one be everything without having had an experience with things? If only all spaces were just mere beliefs! In a house, shaped by reverie that we all share with each other. 

Exhibition: intermezzo at pavilhão de vidro, Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, Lisboa

3rd – 18th of October 2020

Invited and curated by Thomas Hitchcock and Anna-Sofie Lugmeier 

Photos: Anna-Sofie Lugmeier 

Translation: Thomas Hitchcock