It keeps getting worse (Caliwood), 2024

     ©  Yasmina Haddad
                                                                        "Es wird immer Ärger" (2024) / "it keeps getting worse (Caliwood)  by Diana Barbosa Gil is a documentary short film lasting 28 minutes and 11 seconds. The film is in German and Spanish with English subtitles. It follows the story of three Colombian women aged between 45 and 92 years, visited by a relative struggling with the challenges of her migration to Austria. To secure their basic needs, she involves the family in subsidized art projects. Together, they create a modernist tent that evokes nostalgic memories.
The artist films the city and questions her Eurocentric perspective on home and art. The film was edited episodically by FLINTA video artists Anna Spanlang, Anna-Sofie Lugmeier, and Vik Bayer. Stefan Cantante contributed the narrative composition. Thematically, the film explores migration, family bonds, identity, climate change, and the challenges faced by artists, while questioning Eurocentric perspectives. Surrealistic elements are introduced through the inclusion of cocaine and psychotic episodes, highlighting the boundaries between reality and fiction.
At the heart of the film is the search for healing and comfort. The solidarity within the family and the creative collaboration with other filmmakers in Austria play a significant role. 

* If you wanna watch the movie contact the artist she will send a private link to you.  

Director: Diana Barbosa Gil
Co-Director: Stefan Cantante
Setting: Anna-Sofie Lugmeier 
first Screening: School - performative Screenings #84