splinter in your foot (manifestations)

Have a splinter in your foot, so let's see:
The banal is often the stupid.
That one can be so obviously stupid.
Westernization but freedom.
The real, inner value stone is not free choice, but of course money,
that one can earn much easier and the persons who would resist with their spirit can then do it in closed circles.In closed circles they can then comment on what they perceived in each other.
It almost seems like a ridiculous competition to find the sponsor that suits you, with whom you could stand it in your effective power or in a passable period of time.
What bothers me about my work of art is that it is so ineffectual.
For what and whom do I want to please there and about which desire is it here.
The new sensuality will rise in the future!
Everything possible is so full of hysteria when it comes to the right of freedom.
The evil stupidity which apparently acts very fast and actively, one cannot fight with freedom feelings and moral forms.
One must act/structure as stupidly as possible simply without polemics.
Simple languages can be found and very concrete confrontations and confrontations.
Why art is so passive?
It does not generate person figures that are capable of acting as individual positions.
It only generates figures that then become active within the profession and do not share their fears. Not showing themselves. Not being ashamed or ridiculed.
It's so ugly to feel proud to have a career.
So I managed to profit in the market with my own ideas that I can live a good life.
That's ok, but maybe you actually feel guilty and realize that it has made you incapable of action.Or is the idea of virtuosity totally misleading, democratic, and just plain overdone and out of touch with the times?
Let's assume we are very smart.
Then sometimes you can't express what you want to say in a way that it becomes accessible to a larger amount of people.

So the human being has shifted his position and he is getting more and more.
It goes back to racial ideologies, money and brutal and abstract violence that supposedly creates wealth.What a character wants, who works for the prosperity, is strange to me.
Because there has to be a re-setting of what distributed prosperity could mean.
It's so very important to understand that it can't come to the same point as it has before.
Look at what you have created and what space is available for you to move as a human being with all these possibilities and to meet other people in a form that is accommodating.
How do you become an acting figure?
We are not interested in being considered more than anyone.
This is an internal problem of recognition and that is not what the movement is about.

I'm just going to be silent and thus delimit myself, because it annoys me that you can't really leave things free, so I'm annoyed that I can't leave things completely free - become independent of all the money that's involved,
help each other, provide a network where you can exchange without an institution behind it.
Ways how to fight back, how not to tense up.

Here we see a figurine around 200 BC - 200 AD, which could have a splinter in the foot. 
This culture was found very late, around 1992 in el Polo San Isidro.
I could go on with a long colonial interwoven story about the naming of the Malagana culture, but it is merely stored away as a memory and no longer corresponds exactly to the archaeological ethnographic information.

The reason I photographed them on my trip is simple:
I help myself to the beauty of other cultures and use it to make myself more exciting and authentic.Because it is through me, white and western artist, that the whole thing becomes sublime and art is brought into the light.

Look up primitivism, expressionism, DADA, abstraction, world museum, colonialism, imperialism, racism, long distance travel of artists* that were crucial for modernity.