Sad 90s trailer by Peggy Bongadeson

Am I allowed to post sexy pictures of me in a blue shirt? Does a man get an erection - a wet pussy when I show myself naked? Is there more sex in my pants? 
Is my worth defined by an erection, by fluid and penetration? Sometimes my fuckboy says pejoratively that he doesn't show my noodle to his friends because he knows they are into skinny noodle. A heteronormative man enters the room: everything belongs in the basket!
Neatly quail eggs are put in the salad. My life is like the bowl: I have noodles. I buy oranges. I arrange rooms and live like a cat - praying for a process of emotion. My husband is producer. My husband is correspondence. My expression is shimmer. 
I share my liver. Man, I'm getting blotted by your opaque wiener vein.... 
"What I want is actually not that much more than I already have." 

I want everyone to have it, too, actually. I have an apartment. Plenty of time. Don't want a car. More clothes. I just want to have a lot of time. We were against wage labor. I was more body than thought, than allowed. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the desires that came out of the noodle. I love Kurt. What I'll do tomorrow: learn Italian, immerse DOLCE VITAL. DIP. UK. dipping sauce from butt. Politics atom3Atom31. atom124. A Chinese
Woman wouldn't let a dark-skinned woman go into the store. I saw it with my blue eyes! Then I dipped a ring there. I am an absolute asshole, who excludes is an insult to everything that crawls and pushes and bends. More sauce please!

Even if I get up at 7 o'clock. I make in between also 2x break.  My fat balls I know exactly what you're thinking: The world is sometimes so bleak - What is actually important: If the sun is shining and you have once again cuddled... is not so much philosophy necessary. Theory work: The Easter walk Fuck you! Fuck you all! I'll make my own Easter body. Animals belong in freedom. I have to go to Berlin, my noodle fits there. I am sovereign I wear a flower. The hair of my beloved is very curly. Soon I will be represented. Soon I will run. Gives me money. Here is my IBAN. I am Peggy I take young men on. I make them into men I mean to penetrate so I get real men. Treat them like girls. Mirror323 So boring. Cuddling again. Brutal egg robbery.